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Wednesday, 23 July 2014 10:44

The Equalizer: Complete Series, The Fault in Our Stars, Years of Living Dangerously & Monty Python Live

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Doogan’s just posted his latest Doogan’s Queue column in Gripe Soda, running down this week’s finest on new release and catalog titles on Blu-ray and DVD.

In announcement news today, Visual Entertainment has revealed that they’re releasing The Equalizer: The Second Season and The Equalizer: The Complete Collection on DVD on 8/26 (SRP $29.99 and $99.99). The 30-disc box set will include all 88 episodes plus 12 hours of additional bonus content. [Read on here…]

20th Century Fox has set The Fault in Our Stars for release on 9/16 in three versions: A Little Infinities Blu-ray, the regular Blu-ray and DVD. The DVD will include the theatrical cut with audio commentary by Josh Boone and John Green, 6 featurettes (The Cast, The Making of The Fault in Our Stars, The Transformation, Literature to Life, Our Little Infinity, and The Music Behind Our Stars), and a gallery. The Blu-ray will add 6 deleted scenes and The Stars Align: Book to Screen featurette. The Little Infinities Blu-ray will add an extended version of the film with extended commentary.

In other release news, Lionsgate has set the romantic comedy spoof They Came Together for Blu-ray and DVD release on 9/2.

Well Go USA has set Victim for Blu-ray and DVD release on 9/9.

Scream Factory will release the horror film The Squad on Blu-ray and DVD on 10/21.

Millennium Entertainment has set Ping Pong Summer for Blu-ray and DVD release on 8/5.

We’ve just learned that an indie distribution company called FilmRise has just acquired the DVD and digital release rights to Showtime’s excellent global warming documentary Years of Living Dangerously, which was executive produced by James Cameron, Jerry Weintraub, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. They’ll be releasing it on 9/7. Sadly, no Blu-ray release is currently planned. [Editor’s Update: FilmRise now tells us that a Blu-ray release IS planned, but details are still in the works. We’ll update you as new information comes in.]

And as some of you may be aware, the surviving members of Monty Python held a series of live “final reunion” stage shows in London last week, one of which was simulcast live in theaters here in the States this past weekend. We don’t yet have a U.S. Blu-ray and DVD release date for this event, but Eagle Rock Entertainment has already announced Monty Python Live (Mostly): One Down Five to Go for release on both formats in the U.K. on 11/10. Rest assured, Eagle Rock will be announcing it for release in the States around that time as well. We’ll post details as we have them. Meanwhile, you can see the cover artwork above.

And here’s the cover artwork for that Equalizer DVD box set (we’ll add the Amazon pre-order link as soon as it’s available)…

The Equalizer: The Complete Series (DVD)

That’s all for now. Stay tuned…

- Bill Hunt

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