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Wednesday, 31 October 2012 02:01

The Hell Plaza Oktoberfest 666 - Happy Halloween!

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Six years ago, I was standing at a crossroads with my trusty blues guitar when a stranger came up to me. “Nice guitar,” said the stranger in a seductive purr. “You play?”

“Not a lick,” said I. “But I heard tell that a fella needs himself a guitar in these parts.”

“True enough,” replied the stranger. “True enough. But it ain’t doin’ you much good strung across your back like that. Instrument like that ought be played.”

“Reckon you’re right but who’s gonna teach me? You?”

The stranger just chuckled low and said, “Nah, I ain’t much for teachin’. Tell you what I can do, though. How’d you like to play that thing like a dream without so much as a single lesson?”

“I’d like that right smart. But how do you figure to make that work?”

The stranger took my hands in his and suddenly his eyes took on a reddish glow. My hands felt hot, like I’d stuck them into the belly of a stove. I tried to yank them back but the stranger held tight.

After a minute, he released me and stepped back. “Try it now.”

Well sir, I took that guitar and out flowed the purtiest melody you’d ever hope to hear. “Thanks, stranger. That’s amazing! What can I do for you?”

The stranger smiled and said, “Thought you’d never ask. The name’s Bill Hunt, friend. I’ve got a website and I’d be much obliged if you could dedicate a month of your time each year to a celebration of horror, evil and the dark arts. Watch movies and write about ‘em. I’ll need a review a day every October.”

And so, a bargain was struck. Every October, my hands forget how to play that guitar and are only good for typing up reviews of the scariest movies known to man. Come November, I’ll be back to singing the blues. But this month, welcome once again to Dr. Jahnke’s House of Horrors, otherwise known as…

The Hell Plaza Oktoberfest 666!

Each weekday throughout the month, I'll review another new, classic, worthy or at least interesting horror title for you. So click on the links below to read 'em... if you dare...

- Dr. Adam Jahnke


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