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Monday, 12 April 2021 17:12

Scream & Shout!’s July includes Dead Zone & Brotherhood of the Wolf, plus In the Line of Fire 4K from Sony & more

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Welcome to a new week, folks. We’ve got some ground to cover here at The Bits today, so let’s get right to it...

First, we start with a new Blu-ray review from our own Tim Salmons, a look at Paul W.S. Anderson’s Event Horizon (1997) as newly released on disc by our friends at Scream Factory. Do give it a look.

While we’re talking Scream (and Shout! Factory), that’s a perfect place to start with today’s release news. The company has just announced a slate of great Blu-ray and DVD titles for July, including The Pianist: Shout Select (BD), No Man’s Land (BD and DVD), The Night (BD and DVD), House of Wax: Collector’s Edition (BD), and Ernest & Celestine (BD and DVD) on 7/13, followed by A Stranger is Watching (BD), Little Big League: Shout Select (BD), Fire (BD and DVD), and Eight Legged Freaks (BD) on 7/20, and State and Main: Shout Select (BD), The Dead Zone: Collector’s Edition (BD), Chamber of Horrors (BD), and Brotherhood of the Wolf: Collector’s Edition (BD) on 7/27. Extras on all of these are still TBA. You can see the cover art for The Dead Zone at left, with more covers visible below the break. [Read on here...]

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In 4K Ultra HD news today, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has set Wolfgang Peterson’s In the Line of Fire (1993) for release on the format on 6/15. We’re waiting on an official press release for specs and extras details, but you can see the cover artwork below, and the title is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

While we’re talking Sony, be aware that the studio is releasing non-Steelbook versions of GATTACA and Last Action Hero on 4K Ultra HD the same day In the Line of Fire drops. You can see the cover art below.

Not done with 4K yet today: Retail sources indicate that Constantin Film in Germany will release Wolfgang Petersen’s The NeverEnding Story (1984) on 4K Ultra HD in that country in July (tentative street date is 7/1). That’s a Warner Bros. Home Entertainment film here in the States, but we don’t know yet if a US release is planned. In any case, you can see the listing here on

And one more piece of 4K news: Amazon Germany is selling a 4K Ultra HD release of Ric Roman Waugh’s Greenland and word from Bits reader Joe G. (Thanks for the heads-up, Joe!) is that it works on US players and includes an English 5.1 DTS HD Master Audio track (even though one isn’t listed on the back of the packaging). I’ve got a copy coming myself, so I’ll be sure to review it here at the site when it arrives. Meanwhile, here’s a order link (and you can see the cover artwork below).

Naturally, we’ve updated our 4K Ultra HD Release List here at The Bits with all of this news accordingly.

In further regular Blu-ray news today, we’ve got a quick update on the Speed 4K release in the UK and Germany. What I mean by that is, a number of readers asked us a while back if the set would include the same extras as the US release, because they weren’t listed on the back of the packaging. What we’ve learned from Disney is that there will be some extras included on the Blu-ray Discs in the packages. Specifically, the UK BD in the package will include both commentaries (one with Jan de Bont and another with Graham Yost and Mark Gordon), a trivia track, and trailers in HD. Meanwhile, the German BD will include both commentaries, something called Good to Know (additional information about the film), and the original cinema trailer. So there you go.

For you fans of the Warner Archive Collection, don’t forget that Michael Curtiz’s Doctor X (1932) streets on Blu-ray tomorrow. It’s a much anticipated pre-Code horror film starring Lionel Atwill, Fay Wray (as in King Kong), and Lee Tracy. You can see the cover art for that below as well.

And while we’re talking the Warner Archive Collection, a number of readers have let it be known that they’re having trouble finding the label’s new “brand store” on Here’s a link to it and if you look on the far right-hand side of virtually every page here at The Bits, we’ve added a permanent button link to it (along with additional buttons for our Digital Bits affiliate links to the US/CA and UK/EU Zavvi stores, as well as all of our international Amazon affiliates). So you can always find it there. Just look for the block of retail logos that looks like this and says SHOP OUR RETAIL PARTNERS!...

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Finally this afternoon, Arrow Academy has announced that they’ve decided to merge the Arrow Academy label with Arrow Video, just to reduce duplication of effort and simplify their messaging. You’ll still get all the same quality titles as before, just under the single Arrow Video label starting with their May slate. You can read more about this here.

All right, we’ll leave you today with a look at the cover artwork for a number of the titles mentioned above, with Amazon links if available (we’ll add the ones that aren’t up yet as they come online)...

In the Line of Fire (4K Ultra HD) Doctor X (Blu-ray Disc) Greenland (German 4K Ultra HD)

Last Action Hero (4K Ultra HD) GATTACA (4K Ultra HD) The Dead Zone: Collector's Edition (Blu-ray Disc)

Brotherhood of the Wolf: Collector's Edition (Blu-ray Disc) House of Wax: Collector's Edition (Blu-ray Disc) Chamber of Horrors (Blu-ray Disc)

Back tomorrow with more. Stay tuned...!

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