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Thursday, 20 March 2014 17:00

True Detective: S1, Fleischer Gulliver's Travels & more classic Godzilla on Blu-ray!

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We’ve got two more Blu-ray reviews for you today: Our own Tim Salmons continues his Scream Factory marathon with a look at their recent Cat People: Collector’s Edition and also Beneath. Enjoy!

In release news today, the best announcement is that HBO has officially set True Detective: Season One for Blu-ray and DVD release on 6/10 (SRP $79.98 and $59.99). We’ll post additional details as they become available. Great damn show – we highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it yet. And with only 8 episodes, it’s an easy binge watch.  [Read on here…]

Meanwhile, here’s something that TOTALLY slipped under the radar: Thunderbean Animation has just released Fleischer Classics featuring Gulliver’s Travels on Blu-ray/DVD Combo, which was restored by Steve Stanchfield. And no less an authority that Jerry Beck has raved about the quality of this release. You can pick it up at Amazon (see the linked cover art below) for just $19.95 direct from Thunderbean. Now if only we could get the Fleischer Superman shorts – what at thrill that would be!

In other news today, Universal has confirmed the 6/3 new-to-Blu-ray release of The Break-Up, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason and You, Me and Dupree. Hey, Universal... come on: How ‘bout Steven Spielberg’s 1941?! Please?

Level 33 Entertainment has set Harold’s Going Stuff and Legend of the Psychotic Forest Ranger for DVD only release on 4/22.

Image Entertainment has set Camp Dread for DVD only release on 4/15.

Vertical Entertainment will release Boys of Abu Ghraib on DVD on 4/15 as well.

Lionsgate will release Barefoot on DVD on 4/22.

Peace Arch Trinity has set Patrick: Evil Awakens for VD release on 6/17.

Phase 4 Films has set Goodbye World for BD release on 6/3, thus answering the question “What the heck has Andrian Grenier been up to since Entourage?”

Remember those Sony Godzilla Blu-ray double feature titles we told you about a couple weeks ago (due on 5/6)? Well now it turns out Section 23 if releasing a few more of the classic Godzilla titles on Blu-ray too (also due on 5/6) including Godzilla vs. Gigan (a.k.a. Godzilla on Monster Island), Godzilla vs. Hedorah (a.k.a. Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster) and Ebirah Horror of the Deep (a.k.a. Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster). SRP is just $14.98 each. Here’s the covers for the whole mess of them – click on the art to pre-order on Amazon...

Ebirah Horror of the Deep     Godzilla Vs. Gigan    Godzilla Vs. Hedorah

Godzilla Vs. Destoroyah / Godzilla Vs. Megaguirus: The G Annihilation Strategy     Godzilla Vs. King Ghidorah / Godzilla Vs. Mothra    Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzilla II / Godzilla Vs. Spacegodzilla

Godzilla: Final Wars / Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S.     Fleischer Classics featuring Gulliver's Travels (Blu-ray Disc)    True Detective: Season One (Blu-ray Disc)

Finally, we’d normally post this in The Rumor Mill, but it’s just a crumb so take it here as you will with a grain of salt: Retail sources are telling us that Disney is going to revisit Frozen on Blu-ray in time for the holidays, with a more deluxe special edition release that will include Blu-ray 3D. We’ll let you know as we hear anything more.

Stay tuned!

- Bill Hunt

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