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Felgercarb! Original Battlestar Galactica TV series on Blu-ray… but only in Germany

January 13, 2014 - 3:46 pm   |   by
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Afternoon, folks. Hope your weekend was a good one. We’ve got some good stuff for you today. 

First up, we’re kicking off a new regular column here at The Bits today. Actually, it’s a weekly feature of Doogan’s Gripe Soda column, called Doogan’s Queue. In it, Todd will run down the highlights of the week’s best releases on Blu-ray and DVD. So watch for it every Monday morning going forward, and enjoy! [Read on here…]

We’ve also got Russell Hammond’s weekly update of the Release Dates & Artwork section available to go along with Doogan’s Queue, which means there’s no excuse for missing out on the week’s new releases. And as always, a portion of anything you order from Amazon after clicking through our links goes to help support our work here at The Bits and we really appreciate it.

And we’ve even got a new Blu-ray Disc review for you today: Tim’s take on Universal and Focus Film’s recent The Place Beyond the Pines. Don’t miss it.

Now then… we’ve got some very interesting news to report today. Are any of you guys fans of the classic 1970s Battlestar Galactica TV series? If so, you’ll be surprised – as we were – to learn that it’s just been released on Blu-ray Disc. But as a German/Region-B only exclusive! No kidding, it came out back in early December. It’s a 10-disc set, with 9 Blu-rays containing the episodes and a 10th disc (PAL format) of bonus content including much all-new material. Couple of surprises here: This is NOT a Universal release per-se. It was apparently licensed by Koch Media GmbH. The set is Region B, with both English and German audio and subtitles. Here’s another surprise: The set includes not just all 24 episodes of the original Battlestar Galactica in 1080p, but also all 10 episodes of the spinoff series Galactica 1980 in 1080p too (all pillarboxed - black bars on the sides - to preserve the original 4x3 TV aspect ratio)! Reports from readers who have the set in hand say the quality is very good if not perfect – relatively on par with Universal’s recent theatrical movie release, if perhaps not quite as cleaned of dust and dirt. Subtitles are removable on the episodes, but not on the extras. Here’s the final surprise: I’ve confirmed today with Universal here in the U.S. that the studio has “no immediate plans” to release this set in the States. And indeed, the studio currently has only the DVD box set due to be re-issued in the States on 2/18 – that would have been the time to release the BD set if they’d had one planned. How do you like them apples? Bottom line: If you love this classic series, the German/Region-B BD release is your only option. That is a serious bummer… though do keep in mind that there are many good options for all-region Blu-ray players. An now Universal has just given you one more reason to get one if you haven’t already. Anyway, here’s the link and the cover art for the German release. Special thanks to Bits reader Rick C. for the heads-up!

Battlestar Galactica/Galactica 1980 (German Blu-ray release)

Also today, it now appears that the Blu-ray 3D version of Disney’s Frozen may be a Best Buy exclusive and not a Walmart exclusive as initially thought. The order page for the title on the Walmart site has disappeared and pre-orders there have apparently been cancelled. But a page for the title has suddenly appeared on Best Buy’s website. Go figure. Adjust your plans accordingly.

Back tomorrow. Stay tuned…

- Bill Hunt


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