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It’s official: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment confirms that WB Shop has closed for good (it’s not an April Fool’s joke)

April 1, 2021 - 5:37 pm   |   by
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Today being April Fool’s Day, I wasn’t originally planning on having any kind of a news update here at The Digital Bits, simply because it’s just too easy for people to question the accuracy of anything you post on 4/1.

And honestly, given some of the nuttier news posts one sees around the Internet and on social media on April Fool’s, you can’t really blame people for being confused.

But when the Warner Archive Collection announced on Twitter and Facebook last night (right before Midnight Pacific time, mind you) that there was now a new Warner Archive “brand store” on—and a quick visit to the former WB Shop website revealed that it was no longer there—a LOT of people thought it was a joke. And I figured it required a reaction. [Read on here...]

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So I posted this on our own social media pages this morning...

Zack Snyder's Justice League (HD-DVD) April Fool's Joke

Because one good joke deserves another, right?

Some context: For a couple of weeks now we’ve been seeing signs that WB Shop was likely going to be closing, including “final” inventory sales promoted in emails by the store vendor to longtime customers.

But I would very much like to know who at Warner Bros. honestly thought it was a cute idea to shut down WB Shop on April Fool’s Day? I mean, seriously.

Judging by the number of confused, frustrated, and even angry private messages and emails we’ve been getting today here at The Digital Bits (which is to say hundreds), customers were not amused. At the very least, many people were unable to determine if it was all just a joke by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, even as many of them still haven’t received their final orders from the store.

So after posting our own WB Shop “joke” on social, I emailed contacts at Warner Bros. Home Entertainment to find out what was actually going on. And I’ve now heard back from them and have officially confirmed that WB Shop is no more. It’s been closed for good, and is essentially being supplanted by the new Warner Archive “Brand Room” on So that’s where you’ll be buying Warner Archive Blu-ray and DVD titles from now on.

Let me repeat that, just so it’s clear: WB Shop is no more. All Warner Archive titles will now be officially available via this section on (click here for that). That is NOT an April Fool’s joke.

The Zack Snyder’s Justice League WB Shop HD-DVD exclusive IS a joke, however, and I thought a pretty damn good one. But I’ve been kind of soured on the whole April Fool’s thing for a while now, which is why I didn’t post it here on The Bits originally.

Nevertheless, based on all the confusion I’ve been seeing today from Bits readers, I did feel it important to check in here with clarification on what’s actually happening with WB Shop. So now you all know.

It’s officially kaput, gone for good, an ex-parrot.



Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Back tomorrow. Stay tuned...

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