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Doogan’s Queue for the week of March 17, 2014

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Welcome back to the Queue. Hope you all had a happy and safe St. Paddy’s Day weekend! This week, we’re look at a mighty fine all.

There’s an Oscar film, a Disney film (two actually, one is new the other is a DTV rerelease), a Troma film, a fabricated bio-pic, two 90s classic TV shows, a Morris doc and a Blu-ray release of one of cinema’s greatest films by one of the greatest filmmakers.

Read on to see which is what!  [Read on here…]


New Releases (Across the Board):

American Hustle (Blu-ray Disc)American Hustle – This is the Oscar film. I hear it’s either awesome or grating. I’m a loyal home media guy, so I wait for the disc release to consume most movies and haven’t seen it yet.

A Brief History of Time – This is the Errol Morris documentary from Criterion (Spine 700 yo!) that focuses on the life of mind of Stephen Hawking. Good stuff.

Frightmare – British filmmaker Peter Walker’s (House of Whipcord) 1974 film about a cannibalistic housewife gets the Redemption Blu-ray treatment!

Frozen – This is the new Disney film. I’m forever haunted by Badass Digest’s Devin Faraci’s assessment that this film is an allegory for a young woman coming out as a lesbian. He’s probably right, but it begs to wonder what the snowman represents.

Here Comes the Devil – A Mexican cult horror film and Fantastic Fest 2013 darling – it’s on my list, how about yours?

Frozen (Blu-ray Disc)Kill Your Darlings – I love the Beat Generation, and this yarn about a generally unspoken aspect looks like it gets everything right.

Kingdom of Conquerors – I know nothing about this film, but it’s about Genghis Khan and doesn’t star John Wayne, so it’s got to be somewhat decent, right?

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom – Idris looks nothing like the young Mandela; but he does no wrong, so I’m willing to give it a chance.

Reasonable Doubt – Sam mother f*&^ing Jackson stars as a bad man and that’s always a good deal!

Return to Nuke ‘Em High: Volume 1 – Uncle Lloyd takes on Glee is basically what this is. Part One of the Fourth Film in the trilogy. Wait, that can’t be right.

Saving Mr. Banks – The Disney Company rewrites history and tells the story of how Disney got the rights to make Mary Poppins. Tom Hanks and my future ex-wife (if she will have me) Emma Thompson star.

Swerve – A back roads Australian neo-noir starring Jason (Brotherhood) Clarke and David (Revolution) Lyons.


Blu-ray Library Reissues:

The Hidden Fortress (Criterion Blu-ray Disc)So yeah – if you’re not buying Hidden Fortress (the above-referenced greatest film by the greatest filmmaker, you’re my sworn enemy). Jungle Book 2, I don’t care about. Mysterious Skin is by director Gregg Araki and stars a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the role that showed he wasn’t the cute kid from Third Rock and The Robe is a pretty important  50s film that deserve more eyes starring Richard Burton, Jean Simmons and Victor Mature.

The Hidden Fortress (Criterion)

The Jungle Book 2

Mysterious Skin

The Robe


TV On DVD (& Blu-ray):

Atlantis: Season One – I know nothing about this show, but if you’re a fan – here you go.

Beetlejuice: Seasons 2 & 3 – If you didn’t pick up the complete series from Amazon last year, and instead bought the season 1 set – here are the 2nd and 3rd seasons.  DVD Only.

Monsters: The Complete Series – Another DVD Only, Richard P. Rubinstein’s follow-up to Tales From The Darkside without Romero (his absence is felt in my opinion, but the show still had its moments).

That’s it for this week kid. If I missed something, then you know what it was and you should totally buy it.  Let’s keep on buying physical media. So that my tag line will continue to make sense. What’s my tagline you ask? Why it’s ...

Keep spinning those discs…

– Todd Doogan


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