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TONS of new Blu-ray & 4K announcements: Godzilla: KotM, The Jetsons, V: Miniseries, Dark Phoenix & MUCH more

July 16, 2019 - 7:19 pm   |   by
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All right, we have another big day of Blu-ray, DVD, and 4K title announcements for you, so stand by for that.

First, Tim has posted new reviews of Scream Factory’s Quartermass II on Blu-ray, as well as Dennis’ thoughts on Mother Wore Tights on Blu-ray from Twilight Time. I’m also going to be working on a review of HBO’s From the Earth to the Moon on Blu-ray later today – I’ll try to have that up for tomorrow. And more are coming.

Now then... let’s dive right into the announcement news...

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has just officially set director Michael Dougherty’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters for release on Blu-ray, DVD, and 4K Ultra HD on 8/27, with the Digital release expected on 8/6. Note that the 4K disc will include HDR10, HDR10+, and Dolby Vision high dynamic range. The 4K disc will also feature an object-based Dolby Atmos soundtrack. Extras will include audio commentary by the director, deleted scenes, and 17 behind-the-scenes featurettes (including Godzilla: Nature’s Fearsome Guardian, Mothra: Queen of the Monsters, King Ghidorah: The Living Extinction Machine, Rodan: Airborne God of Fire, Godzilla 2.0, Making Morthra, Creating Ghidorah, Reimagining Rodan, The Yunnan Temple, Castle Bravo, The Antarctic Base, The Isla de Mara Volcano, The Undersea Lair, Millie Bobby Brown: Force of Nature, Monster Tech: Monarch Joins the Fight, Monsters Are Real, and Welcome to the Monsterverse). You can see the cover artwork above left and also below. [Read on here...]

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Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has announced the 4K Ultra HD release of McG’s Charlie’s Angels (2000) on 10/22. That same day, the sequel Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle will finally come to Blu-ray. The 4K of Charlie’s Angels will include all the previous special features, plus the theatrical trailer, and a teaser for the new Charlie’s Angels (2019). It will also include Dolby Atmos audio. The Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle Blu-ray will also carry over all the previous DVD extras, will include both the theatrical and unrated versions of the film, and will have the preview for the new film as well.

Also, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment has just officially announced the Blu-ray, DVD, and 4K release of X-Men: Dark Phoenix for 9/17, with the Digital release set for 9/3. The 4K will include Dolby Atmos audio. Extras on the Blu-rays will include audio commentary by director Simon Kinberg and producer Hutch Parker, 5 deleted scenes with optional commentary, the 5-part Rise of the Phoenix: The Making of Dark Phoenix documentary, a Scene Breakdown (of the 5th Avenue Sequence), and the How to Fly Your Jet to Space with Beast featurette.

On the Star Trek front, much is being made today about a Star Trek: The Motion Picture Anniversary Edition Blu-ray that just appeared for pre-order on Amazon and elsewhere (street date 9/24). Don’t get too excited. Sources tell me this is simply a repackage of the existing Blu-ray, simply with collector’s book packaging.

We’ve got a couple more bits of 4K catalog news today (our 4K Ultra HD Release List here at The Bits has been updated accordingly)...

Lionsgate has just set the Sylvester Stallone film Lock Up for release on 4K Ultra HD on 9/10. It will include Dolby Vision HDR and all the previous extras should carry over.

Also, you can now pre-order Universal’s Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End) in 4K on Amazon here (street date 9/10). The set will have DTS-X audio and HDR10+. You can see the cover artwork below. Sony’s Spider-Man: Far from Home is now available for pre-order in Blu-ray and 4K too.

Now then... here’s some big news from our friends at The Warner Archive Collection: They’ve just announced the Blu-ray release of The Jetsons: The Complete Original Series (1962-1963) as a 3-disc set produced with new 1080p masters from the original network elements, Kenneth Johnson’s V: The Original Miniseries (1983) in 1.78:1 widescreen per the director’s authorization (note that he protected all his films for widescreen in the event they were released theatrically in Europe), William Wyler’s Jezebel (1938) mastered from a new 4K scan of the original nitrate film elements, Nicolas Roeg’s The Witches (1990), Fritz Lang’s Moonfleet (1955), John Ford’s Wagon Master (1950), and Riverdale: The Complete Third Season (2018-2019). We don’t have street dates on those yet, but we should by next week and you can expect that they’re coming in the next month or two. Here’s a look at the cover artwork for some of them (we’ll add Amazon links when available)...

The Jetsons: The Complete Series (Blu-ray Disc) V: The Original Miniseries (Blu-ray Disc) The Witches (Blu-ray Disc)

Moonfleet (Blu-ray Disc) Wagon Master (Blu-ray Disc) Johnny Quest: The Complete Series (Blu-ray Disc)

By the way, we have reliable word that after the success of their release of Batman: The Animated Series on Blu-ray, Warner is working to release Batman Beyond: The Complete Series on the format too. And it wouldn’t surprise us if Superman: The Animated Series was being worked on as well.

In other news, the recent Apollo 11 documentary is now (or will soon be) available in 4K with HDR on Apple TV and Vudu. We strongly suspect a physical 4K release may be coming too, but more on that another day. You can read our review of the Blu-ray edition here.

Speaking of Apollo 11, as many of you know today marks the 50th anniversary of the launch of humanity’s first Moon landing mission. You can relive the entire mission in an outstanding “live” reconstruction here at the fantastic Apollo 11 in Real Time website (where you can start from the beginning or join the mission “live” in progress as it was this time 50 years ago) and you can now watch CBS News’ entire launch day TV broadcast coverage (all 4 hours and 30 minutes of it including the original commercials) here on YouTube, hosted by the legendary newsman Walter Cronkite and astronaut Wally Schirra. Both experiences are fantastic for history and spaceflight buffs, so do check them out.

And finally, CBS Home Entertainment is releasing Mick Garris’ The Stand miniseries on Blu-ray on 9/24... “brilliantly restored” though apparently without Garris’ involvement. While it’s good to see the series coming to BD (we never imagined we’d see it this way), it remains to be seen how it looks. Anyway, you can see the cover artwork and pre-order it below if you’re interested.

With that, we’ll leave you with a look at the cover artwork for some of the titles mentioned above, with Amazon pre-order links if available. And don’t forget, doing so helps support our work here at The Bits and we do appreciate it very much...

Godzilla: King of the Monsters (4K Ultra HD) Godzilla: King of the Monsters (Blu-ray Disc) Charlie's Angels (4K Ultra HD)

The Stand: Miniseries (Blu-ray Disc) Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy (4K Ultra HD) Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (Blu-ray Disc)

Back tomorrow with lots more. Stay tuned...!

-Bill Hunt

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