Pick-Ups for the Week of July 5, 2016

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Welcome to a new edition of Pick-Ups!

I hope all of you had a nice 4th of July celebration this weekend and saw some new movies. I’ve been in binge mode lately, watching anything and everything as much as possible on top of doing other things. As Bill always says, there just isn’t enough time in the day. That won’t stop me from trying though. [Read on here...]

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I’d like to acknowledge the passing of two great directors: Robin Hardy and Michael Cimino. Cimino’s Heaven’s Gate is a particular favorite and criminally under seen by film fans. And of course, The Wicker Man is still an effective film that influenced a whole slew of horror and thriller filmmakers. Both men will be missed.

Starting this week, I’m going to take a break from doing 5 titles a week and cut it back down to 3, for several reasons. I want to be able to give each of the titles as much time and focus as they need instead of trying to rush to get them out as quickly possible, but I also have a lot of other things that I want to do and need more time to do them. That includes a couple of new things that I’ll be doing here at The Bits in the latter half of the year, which I know genre fans will enjoy. So be sure to tune in for that.

This week I’ll be checking out a couple of great new Scream Factory titles, as well as an Arrow Video title. As usual, we’ll be rolling each review out one at a time all week, so be sure to check back for new ones.

Click on the links below to check them all out:

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Also, if you dig my opinions and such, why don’t you please take some time to check out my podcast, simply called Podcast Salmonella. I try and put up a new episode as often as I can. Myself and various guests have fun chats about movies, music, comic books, etc. So do check it out on both YouTube and Soundcloud.

Well, that’s all from me for this week, so enjoy the reviews!

- Tim Salmons

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