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Tuesday, 13 August 2013 13:08

Burnt Offerings For August 13: The Nazis Are Coming!

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This will be a quick one, updating you all on the week’s newest releases from Warner Archive, so let’s dive right on in.

The Frozen Dead (1966) – An early JET’s Most Wanted pick finally makes its official DVD debut!  Mad scientist Dana Andrews had the forethought to cryogenically freeze the heads of some of the top Nazi leaders of WWII.  Now it’s time to bring them back and get the old Third Reich going again.  Your Nazi Zombie collection isn’t complete without this one, folks.  [...]

The Accursed (1957) – Originally (and more accurately) titled The Traitor, this mystery thriller takes place at the annual reunion of a group of Nazi Resistance fighters.  But there’s a traitor amongst them and the one man who knows whodunit is promptly killed.  Watch for Christopher Lee in a supporting role.

Hands Of A Stranger (1962) – The old Hands of Orlac story gets another retelling with James Noah as the concert pianist whose hands are destroyed in an accident, then replaced with a murderer’s limbs by surgeon Paul Lukather.  The transplant is a success and Noah goes on to fame, fortune and Carnegie Hall without incident!  Just kidding.

Tormented (1960) – Low-budget king Bert I.  Gordon directs this ghost story about a jazz pianist (Richard Carlson) haunted by the specter of his recently deceased lover.  It’s all about Nazis and pianists this week, isn’t it?  Anyway, it’s nice to see some more of Mr. B.I.G.’s movies on DVD but what’s a guy gotta do to get The Amazing Colossal Man on disc?

Eight Is Enough: The Complete Fourth Season (1979-80) – Those wacky Bradfords are back for more comedy-drama misadventures and to fill your house with love.  The kids are growing up, so expect weddings, honeymoons, proms, and more Willie Aames than you can shake an Adam Rich at.

Finally, here’s a tip for those of you in Los Angeles.  This Sunday at 10PM, Everything Is Festival IV and The Cinefamily will be screening The Phynx (in 35MM, no less), hosted by Patton Oswalt.  The Phynx is, without question, the single strangest film in the entire Warner Archive Collection.  If you love psychotronic cinema, you need to see The Phynx and this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to have the great Mr. Oswalt as your guide, so don’t miss it!

- Dr. Adam Jahnke


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