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Tuesday, 20 May 2014 12:20

Burnt Offerings For May 20, 2014

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Seven, count ‘em, seven titles make their DVD debut courtesy of our pals at Warner Archive this week. If they aren’t familiar to you yet, they’re about to be with our weekly rundown of the wild ‘n’ wacky world of MOD. As for those spiffy banners down there, they’ll take you directly to such wonder emporiums as Warner Archive and Amazon, where you can buy and help support the work of Team Bits! Face it, Tiger, you just hit the jackpot! [Read on here...]

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A Fever In The Blood (1961) – The murder of a society gal has serious repercussions on a gubernatorial race between a senator, a judge and a prosecutor. Vincent Sherman directs a distinguished ensemble including Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Angie Dickinson, Don Ameche and, in his film debut, Carroll O’Connor.

The Girl He Left Behind (1956) – Tab Hunter stars as an adrift college student going steady with ambitious Natalie Wood. When she ends their relationship, Tab flunks out and gets drafted. Supposedly this is something of a toothless comedy but you can’t fault the cast, which includes Jim Backus, Alan King and James Garner.

Jump Into Hell (1955) – In the immortal words of Billy Joel, Dien Bien Phu falls! French paratroopers fight to hold Indochina. Spoiler alert: they fail.

Onionhead (1958) – Andy Griffith enlists in the U.S. Coast Guard and is assigned kitchen duty under the command of chief cook Walter Matthau. This doesn’t get rave reviews but the opportunity to see Griffith and Matthau together again after A Face In The Crowd is tough to pass up.

Target Zero (1955) – Richard Conte leads a platoon of men trying to hold their ground behind enemy lines in Korea. He’s got an impressively tough bunch with him, including Charles Bronson, L.Q. Jones and Chuck Connors.

Violent Road (1958) – Did you know that William Friedkin’s Sorcerer was not the first remake of The Wages Of Fear? Well, I don’t know if this is an “official” credited remake or not but it sure sounds like basically the same story. Brian Keith leads a convoy of trucks over unpaved roads with a delivery of unstable rocket fuel. I’m very curious to check this out.

Wall Of Noise (1963) – It’s love and lust at the track as Suzanne Pleshette and Dorothy Provine vie for the affections of horse trainer Ty Hardin. The racing scenes were shot at Hollywood Park, making this a valuable artifact for fans of bygone L.A. landmarks.

- Adam Jahnke


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