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Blu-ray News – Terminator Genisys, Star Trek: Axanar, Zatoichi, Blacklist: S2 & The Bits @ Comic-Con!

July 6, 2015 - 3:29 pm   |   by

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All right, we’ve got a busy week ahead of us! First of all, this is Comic-Con week down in San Diego, so we expect a lot of good genre titles to be announced or promoted on Blu-ray this week at the convention.

Speaking of which, Terminator Genisys is now officially available for pre-order on Blu-ray 3D Combo and Blu-ray on (sale price $31.99 and $22.99). No street date is official yet, but we expect one to be announced in the weeks ahead.  [Read on here…]

Now then… if you’re going to Comic-Con this week, we invite you all to join us for our official Digital Bits discussion panel on Thursday afternoon! We’re going to be talking about the state of Blu-ray and the forthcoming Ultra HD Blu-ray format with a panel of familiar experts (who also happen to be longtime friends of ours), plus we’re going to be featuring an independently-produced project that’s coming soon to Blu-ray – we’re going to talk about the project itself, and the process of producing a Blu-ray release for it. That project of course is Prelude to Axanar. Here’s the official panel details:

1:00-2:00 (Thursday, 7/9/15) Digital Bits Blu-ray Sneak Peek: Star Trek: Axanar

Join Digital Bits editor Bill Hunt, veteran Blu-ray/DVD producers Charles de Lauzirika (Twin Peaks, The Martian), Cliff Stephenson (Hannibal, The Hunger Games), and Robert Meyer Burnett (Free Enterprise, Star Trek: The Next Generation Blu-rays), and executive producer Alec Peters (Star Trek: Axanar), as they discuss major upcoming Blu-ray titles and 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray developments, and explain the groundbreaking process of creating studio-quality independent Blu-ray releases, including the new Prelude to Axanar: Special Edition. We’ll have audience Q & A and lots of great giveaways – don’t miss it! Room 23ABC

Speaking of Axanar, every single member of the panel (myself included) is directly involved the project. We’re going to be showing you all the very first completed scene from the forthcoming Star Trek: Axanar feature film, which we just shot a few weeks ago. The scene was directed by, produced by Alec, and I helped to write it. It features veteran Trek actor Gary Graham reprising an iconic character on an iconic planet, complete with original score by composer Alexander Bornstein, and with visual effects by Tobias Richter and Light Works. It’s an actual scene from the film to come – fully produced and finished. I think it’s going to surprise people. This is no fan film – it’s a fully professional and independent film project. In fact, io9 just did their first story on it here. So DO NOT MISS your first chance to see this scene projected in person, in HD, on a big screen at our panel!

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In announcement news today, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has just set NBC’s The Blacklist: The Complete Second Season for Blu-ray and DVD release on 8/18. You’ll get all 22 episodes, plus audio commentaries on 2 episodes with Jon Bokenkamp and John Eisendrath, deleted scenes, and 4 featurettes (Raymond Reddington: Man of the World, Building a Blacklister: Vanessa Cruz, After the Game: Luther Braxton, and Known Associates: Red’s Inner Circle).

Also, Warner Home Video will release The 100: The Complete Second Season on DVD on 10/13, featuring all 13 episodes, plus 3 featurettes, deleted scenes, and a gag reel.

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Here’s something that has me personally incredibly excited: It appears that Lionsgate is going to release Shintaro Katsu’s Zatoichi (1989) on Blu-ray on 9/8 (SRP $19.98). This is the final film in the series, directed by Katsu himself, and the only one not yet available on the Blu-ray format. It would essentially “complete” the outstanding Criterion box set reviewed here. The title is already available for pre-order on at this link. Can I get a “Woo-hoo!”? [Apparently not. We checked with Lionsgate and learned that this is the Beat Takeshi film instead. Which is very good, but we were hoping for the final unreleased on Blu-ray Shintaro Katsu film. Ah well.]

Finally today, Barnes & Noble’s regular 50% off Criterion Blu-ray sale kicks off tomorrow, so get ready to get some great bargains! Click here for that in the morning.

We’ll leave you with a look at more new Blu-ray cover artwork, including Paramount’s forthcoming Team America: World Police

The Following: The Complete Series (Blu-ray Disc)    Team America: World Police (Blu-ray Disc)    Terminator Genisys (Blu-ray 3D)

Quiet Riot (Blu-ray Disc)    Madame Bovary (Blu-ray Disc)    Dog Day Afternoon: 40th Anniversary Edition (Blu-ray Disc)

Stay tuned!

Bill Hunt