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Monday, 05 March 2018 13:41

Paramount announces Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan for 4K Ultra HD on 5/8!

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All right, the big 4K news continues this week! But first...

We’ve just posted two new disc reviews here at The Bits, including Tim’s thoughts on Terry Gilliam’s Jabberwocky, now available in a fine new Blu-ray edition from Criterion, and also my take on Darren Aronofsky’s challenging Mother! available in 4K Ultra HD from Paramount.

We’ve also got more new disc reviews coming, including several more BD titles from Tim and I have no less than three new 4K Ultra HD reviews coming in the next 24 hours as well, including Sony’s The Dark Crystal. So watch for that starting later today here at the site. [Read on here...]

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Now then, the big announcement news is more 4K Ultra HD: Paramount has just officially set Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan for release on 4K on 5/8 in a new 20th Anniversary Edition. The film has been scanned from 35mm film in full native 4K and will feature Dolby Atmos audio and Dolby Vision HDR. This is confirmed. The package will also include a Blu-ray edition with all the previous bonus features, as well as a Digital Copy code. You can see the official cover artwork above left and also below.

Not done with Paramount yet... we have officially confirmed with the studio that they are indeed releasing Braveheart and Gladiator on 4K Ultra HD on 5/15. And here’s the best news: Both have been scanned from film in full native 4K and will feature Dolby Vision HDR. Braveheart will also feature Dolby Atmos object-based audio, while Gladiator will feature DTS:X. Again, this information is confirmed directly with the studio.

Don’t forget, we’ve also updated the Release Dates & Artwork section with new Blu-ray, DVD, and 4K Ultra HD cover artwork and pre-order links and we’d certainly appreciate it if you shopped through our links there.

Also, the 90th Academy Awards were announced last night here in Hollywood. We were very pleased to see cinematographer Roger Deakins win his first Oscar for his work on Blade Runner 2049, after many nominations. And our friend Lee Unkrich won for directing Pixar’s Coco as well. You can see the full list of winners here.

We’ll leave you today with more of that new 4K cover artwork. All of it is now final including Braveheart. And we’ll add Amazon links for Fury, The Patriot, and Saving Private Ryan as soon as they’re live...

Saving Private Ryan: 20th Anniversary Edition (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray) Gladiator (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray) 2001: A Space Odyssey (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray)

Braveheart (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray) Jurassic Park: 25th Anniversary Collection (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray) The Greatest Showman (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray)

Grease: 40th Anniversary Edition (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray) Fury (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray) The Patriot (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray)

The Commuter (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray) Knowing (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray) Star Wars: The Last Jedi (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray)

Stay tuned...

- Bill Hunt

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